You Bring The Vision, I'll Bring The Game Plan

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Where are you at in your business? I’m here to help no matter what stage of business you’re in. If you’ve decided to offer more hands-on high end smaller group packages I can help you set up a 5-star PM experience.

Are you relaunching your course or a brand new one altogether? Then I can help you plan and prep your launch.

Do you need someone to help you evaluate your current setup and help you improve it? I’ll help you stress less with a systems audit.

Looking for a strong kickstart to your next project? Book a VIP day.


Project Management and Online Business Management

Project Plan Creation

Let me break down that big goal into actionable steps and a timeline.

Project Plan Management

You don't have to be a bottleneck anymore. Let me manage your during the project.

Online Biz Management

Are you ready for somone to take over the day to day of your business? I can help.

Launch Strategy Creation

Ready to launch that big project, podcast or course? I can create a actionable plan.

Business System Setup 

Are you sick of reinventing the wheels in your business? Let's get your systems up and running.

Business System Auditing 

Do you feel like there is a disconnection in your systems? With a fresh outside perspective to get them in tip top shpae.

Voxer and Slack Access

You don't want more emails. I provide my clients with Slack and Voxer access during business hours.

Light Marketing Strategy

I have experience in digital marketing and SEO. I won't just help you create a project plan, I'll help you create a profitable one.


Dia Darling has been one of the BEST investments I made for my business. Before I hired Dia, my systems were a mess. I had my team members confused about who was supposed to do what and when. And I was doing the MOST which is my tendency. Dia stepped in and sorted me out, in a caring but firm way. She helped us re-organize the team structure so that everyone's role made sense and they were happy with their tasks. She organized our SOPs so that our processes had a home and were easier to find and implement. She helped me hire more team members so that we're set up for success. And she even had some amazing suggestions for how we can surprise and delight our clients. The absolute best part was I did not have to train her. Dia stepped in to help with nearly everything right out of the gate. She's a delight to work with and I hope whoever is reading this strongly considers hiring her.

Andrea, Online Drea and Savvy Social School


First, I listen.

I want to hear all about your business, your goals and your mission. 

Then, I learn.

I'll dive into your business and learn your current systems, processes and practices. 

Lastly, we improve.

Once I'm familar with your business and goals we will work together to improve the day to day in your business or launch.


I’m Dia Darling.

I’m the founder of All The Things I Do. I support my clients as a project manager and online business manager. I’m also the host of Creatives Crushing Anxiety podcast. I help entrepreneurs follow their passions online while keeping their lives balanced. I believe you can have a successful online business while still enjoying your life.

Who This Is For

You're busy, I'm busy. We are both awesome humans doing important work in the world. I wanted to break down how I can support you and why I might not be the right person. This way we both save time and you can find the perfect new partner.

This is for:

  • Entrepreneurs looking to confidently hand over the COO role of their company and save more time.
  • Entrepreneurs who aren't afraid to invest in high-level support.
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking for a right hand woman to create new ideas.
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking to hand over team management so they can stop bottle-necking and start working in their zone of genius.

This isn't for:

  • Entrepreneurs looking for a virtual assistant. Love V.A.s but I do not perform V.A. tasks.
  • Entrepreneurs who don't receive feedback well and just want a yes woman. I partner with my clients as equals and will always tell you the truth good or bad.
  • Entrepreneurs who aren't making enough income to support hiring valuable team members.
  • Helicopter entrepreneurs who aren't willing to hand over the reigns to make their business run smoother.

Let's talk!

Your first consultation is free.


Dia was really in it with me! She brought critical thinking and my solutions that had my ultimate goals in mind to the table! She was really a team player (sorry for the dumb cliché) and very supportive! I didn’t know anything about Dubsado and how to set up my workflows and Dia knew exactly which questions to ask to help me up-level and better automate my business! She also help me set up other very fundamental systems in my business! I am now able to use Dubsado seamlessly in my business and have some great foundations set up in my business! Dia is such a delight to work with! Not only that, she really helped me get my shit together and get the client work done!

Meg, Meg K & Co

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